NVIDIA Beta Install 555.42.02 BETA under Arch Linux

I did a fresh install of Arch, using the "NVIDIA Proprietary" drivers available as an option in archinstall.

Then, I did the following to switch to latest beta nvidia drivers 555.42.02!

This assumes you are using the nvidia-dkms drivers currently with nvidia-utils and lib32-nvidia-utils

Add the options to modprobe

create/update: /etc/modprobe.d/nvidia.conf

# Enable NVIDIA "Direct Rendering Manager" Mode Setting, to make Wayland compositors function properly.
options nvidia_drm modeset=1

# Additionally, with the driver version 545 and above, you can also set the experimental nvidia_drm.fbdev=1 parameter, 
# which is required to tell the NVIDIA driver to provide its own framebuffer device instead of relying on efifb or vesafb, which do not work under simpledrm.
options nvidia_drm fbdev=1

Remove non-beta drivers

First we need to remove the current non-beta drivers

yay -Rd --nodeps nvidia-dkms nvidia-utils lib32-nvidia-utils

--nodeps is used so Steam doesn't complain about having its dependencies removed.

install beta drivers

Finally, we can install the beta drivers with

yay -S nvidia-beta-dkms nvidia-utils-beta lib32-nvidia-utils-beta


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